Vintage Diary
1 min readMay 19, 2021

this poem is about one of the nights when I was confused and full of mixed emotions.

Photo by Ainur Iman on Unsplash

it's within the embers of your heart

that gave me solace

it was the awakening from slumber

that really shook reality in place

for my bed is cold and empty

with just shattered pieces of me embedded

within every vacant space, I try to fit

a thousand memories we could've made

fantasizing dreams that never took place

beautifying your every mistake

and criticizing every effort I made

I try to find a thousand reasons for all your mistakes

justifying you when it's me who needs a shake

beating me down and tumbling for a ray

of hope, of help which isn't on its way

it is not pity that I need but love in its place

for all my wrong choices lead me this way

now into this void, I go, that's blurry and grey

trying to find an ultimate ending

an escape.



Vintage Diary

just another writer on the internet writing their thoughts in fancy ink