Poem: A Tale Of The Meadow

Vintage Diary
1 min readMar 11, 2021
Photo by Fanny Gustafsson on Unsplash

with open arms they welcomed spring

by bursting colors of jolly yellow

dressing up their maidens in white

with bliss dancing between the echoes


the maidens would seldom blush

from the caress of a wild touch

forsaken was this land of blissful blue

without rules to abide by and a ruler to rule


the offsprings enjoy their days out

giggling when the wind sweeps them in

the mothers swing, hop and twinkle

as they call their folks from within


slowly through the following months

the sun grows weaker to the touch

as the night bestows itself upon longer

the children seem to go away further


gloom, cold and winter forced its reign

the maidens set themselves ablaze

spring, summer, autumn, and rain

left the city to crumble and wither away


deserted now the city of beauty remains

frosted by the plight and bloodstain

maybe when spring comes again

this city will resurface on the green plains



Vintage Diary

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