Poem: Dancing Shadows

Vintage Diary
2 min readSep 12, 2021


Photo by Simon Berger on Unsplash

I see gentle shadows dancing in the corners

spiraling chaos, mixing tunes of forbidden chords

they summon me over with warmth unseen by oceans

with strength, they guide me, gently then with more firmness

as if they are reshaping me, molding me into something

something unbreakable, something born out of dust and storm

something unthinkable, something beautiful

slowly the melody dies down and so does the curtain of surreal existence

I ask more of what was granted, more of what shouldn't have been given

I'm denied, but requested to hear closely to tunes gently strung

by harps with heavenly force

unable to do so, I feel small, inferior to ones standing in front of me

but no one is laughing at me, no one is criticizing my failure

I'm loved here, wanted by shadows of darkness and light

they wait patiently, for me to lift my wings,

straiten my shoulder and try again

slowly but gradually I see, I finally feel the harmony

the beauty of silence as it embraces me with open arms

rubbing my back, caressing my wounds

I let the ancient fire fiercely burn in me

I let it burn all remorse, for I'm guided towards light

I'm back in the arms of my holder

my guider, my beloved, my soul.

I rest in peace with my past

willingly with my present and

joyfully with my future



Vintage Diary

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