Poem: Forever Intertwined

Vintage Diary
2 min readMay 19, 2021

A lunatic murderer who is said to have gone on a murder spree by a forest village writes a mysterious letter to his lover claiming a road that ends in only one way.

Photo by Wes Hicks on Unsplash

she fell in love with the outcast

oh, how demented she thought herself to be

the deeper she search for this answer

the harder it became to agree/

soon arrived what was anticipated

embellished with jet black ink

hurried was the call, more urgent was the plea

the location was the lonely oakwood bridge /

trembled her hands, her heart grew cold

for that place was no place for lovers to go

deep in the blossom of the forest

through a long lost road

lived the singing old man within his sorrow /

swiftly she ran, faster in the meadows

darkness grew, and silence followed

he was right there, drenched in moonlight

smiling he ran and embraced her tight

he danced with her, she seemed to beam so bright

they held each other long for it was their last night /

she bore the neckpiece and he tightened his tie

and they twined their fingers tighter this time

for it was the commencing hour

only destiny will decide /

no more hiding, no more fear has to coincide

for they were together forever this time

soon the animals will feast more tonight

defening silence sweeps, as they swing by the vine /



Vintage Diary

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