Poetry: Beneath The Reef

Vintage Diary
Mar 16, 2021

a dark poetry

within the shallows of the water

smothered by reefs, afloat

black swirls of shadows

gurgling water starts to choke

“let me go, I can't breathe

hands hold me back, they push me down”

velvet crimson mixes,

with the dense dusky liquid

motionless limbs twitch

as she she was about to reach-

“was it fun watching me?

the way I splashed, fought, and drowned?”

deeper from the surface

muddier it grows

stuck to rock bottom

tied by a rope

“did u hear my screams?

the way your name was all I could shout?”

bubbles swallow the last words

no one can here within the shadows

for darkness is greedy it provokes

calls everything his yet doesn't say so



Vintage Diary

just another writer on the internet writing their thoughts in fancy ink